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Pipi fest


Fresh from the field

Texel treat

My hunch was right, seafood was served at our lunch at Port Elliot, a town on the coast due south from Adelaide (as the crow flies). Lunch at no.58 Cellar Door & Gallery at Waverley Estate www.waverleyestate.com through up a gem: a thinnish tomato coloured broth of diced carrots and potato, mildly spiced with chilli and salted with bacon, brimming with Coorong pipis and seafood. The mushrooms, too, were worthy of mention; big, meaty – described on the menu as fresh field mushrooms – with Matchetts double reduced balsamic & Hindmarsh Valley goats feta. The main was a Thai-inspired salad of muscular Texel lamb strewn with pomegranate seeds. Texel lamb is heavy muscled and lean and gives your jaws a bit of a work out, but that’ll teach us for eating so many soft-as-butter premium cuts!


Pipi soup

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