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Barbeque 'know how'
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Barbecue 'know how'

Barbecue 'know how'

Choosing a barbecue

Itís impossible to recommend any one type of barbecue over another. More often than not, it comes down to what youíve got, whatís available at the time or what youíve inherited. If youíre looking to buy a new barbecue, consider the following:

Size is important. As barbecue activity is often at the centre of a social gathering, you might find yourself cooking for more than just your family. [...] Read the full bit


Aubergine (eggplant)
Thereís no need to salt aubergines unless there is a lot of green immediately under the skin (the greenness indicates immaturity, which may make the aubergine taste bitter). Read the full bit

Ingredients Explanied

There's something very sexy about the avocado, especially a Hass avocado. I don't know if it's the oval shape, the pale greeny yellow spring-like hues of the flesh, or whether it's the hollow left by the avocado stone which begs to be drizzled or filled with something exotic and delicious. Maybe it's the buttery flesh & the way it sort of melts in your mouth like butter and chocolate. Or the way it squishes down to a gorgeous green puree under gentle pressure from the tines of a fork. Read the full bit

Medium Tips

Along with green beans, corn and zucchini (courgette) or other members of the squash family, form the trinity known as 'The Three Sisters' in southern American gardening lore. When beans and corn are grown together, the beans draw nitrogen from the soil, which the corn thrives on. Squash and pumpkin, with their prickly vines, are planted around the beans and corn to stop pesky wild animals destroying the plants. It's a combination you might like to try in your own garden. More Medium Tips

Cooking Techniques

Old Wive's Tales: Corn
Traditional advice, to put the water on to boil before going down to the corn patch to pick the corn, has plenty of merit. Read the full bit

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