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Wooed by the food on Singapore Air

SIA stacked lin_MET

Who said you can’t get outstanding food when flying? I just had the singularly most amazing dish I’ve been served on a plane on Singapore Air on the Singapore-Paris leg. As well as the gracious service, there was lots to love: big fat porcini mushrooms, generous amounts of Iberico ham and handfuls of shaved parmesan. The dressing of portobello mushrooms was almost superfluous. And the breakfast egg? Perfectly poached, the whites tender, the yolk flowing. And granola with yoghurt-berry compote? It delivered much more than the name suggested: To die-for thick but not cloying yoghurt with fresh and stewed tangy-sweet blueberries with a gorgeous roasted nut caramel topping. Impressive.


Porcini mushroom plate designed by Suzanne Goin, Lucques restaurant, LA

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