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Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Come along and enjoy free-range eggs from Henrietta, Chlotilde and Hortense

Cooking Classes

There are still a few places left in my upcoming classes. A Little French Affair Saturday 24th November is full, but there are one or two places on each of the remaining classes. I am also taking corporate bookings for December.

Hope to see you along sometime soon.




A Little French Affair

Oh-la-la-la – there will be plenty to show off after my trip to Paris. Scrumptious food, travel stories and tips. French food is back!

Wednesday October 31st OR

Saturday 24th November


1.00-4.00pm approximately


Festive Feasting

Great dishes and all the tips to make Xmas entertaining easy, enjoyable, and of course delicious. Don’t miss it. You’ll be able to trot out these recipes for years to come.

Saturday 1st December OR

Saturday 8th December

1.00-4.00pm approximately



Wooed by the food on Singapore Air

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Who said you can’t get outstanding food when flying? I just had the singularly most amazing dish I’ve been served on a plane on Singapore Air on the Singapore-Paris leg. As well as the gracious service, there was lots to love: big fat porcini mushrooms, generous amounts of Iberico ham and handfuls of shaved parmesan. The dressing of portobello mushrooms was almost superfluous. And the breakfast egg? Perfectly poached, the whites tender, the yolk flowing. And granola with yoghurt-berry compote? It delivered much more than the name suggested: To die-for thick but not cloying yoghurt with fresh and stewed tangy-sweet blueberries with a gorgeous roasted nut caramel topping. Impressive.


Porcini mushroom plate designed by Suzanne Goin, Lucques restaurant, LA

There’s more…

Friday, October 5th, 2012

I don’t believe it. I’ve just been back for another peek under the cloches, and the food has all changed! Now there are baskets of steaming roasted pork buns, and little cutie dumplings, and veal blanquette and potato and artichoke tart and, and, and…I think I’m dreaming. It’s 3.25am so I should be.

Four hours to kill…

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Four hours to kill in transit Singapore-Paris, but what better place to be than in Singapore Airlines Kris Lounge? Didn’t think I was hungry…but needed to investigate the food of course. And this is what was on offer: Sweet & sour fish smelling of sweet fried onions; crispy pieces of lemon chicken; stir-fried lady fingers & tow pok with vegetarian sambal chilli sauce; Peranakan curry chicken; wok fried roasted pork belly with leek & tofu; Gobhi mattar; pumpkin mattar curry. For a change of pace, cream of sweetcorn & macadamia soup, French potato cake and linguine with lemon cream sauce & seafood ragu. Even sushi. And cheeses. The salads were weak – only a choice of two. Ha! Got them there! But the fresh watermelon, pineapple and orange, delightfully sweet. There are broths and soups, rice and noodles this way and that and things spinning around in a hot cabinet. It’s 2.25am. Wonder what they put on for dinner.