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Father’s Day Treat

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Help your kids cook something special for dad on Father’s DayAvocado, Bacon & Corn Baps
A little birdie told me that Father’s Day is just around the corner… well, in the US at least (we celebrate it in September in New Zealand). I remember making treats for my father on his special day, usually inappropriate sticky gooey things which he didn’t much like, but he ate them all the same! But here’s a much tastier idea -a fresh and scrumptious Avocado, Bacon & Corn Bap (a bap is a soft bread roll). The great thing about this recipe is that kids of all ages can take part in making it – removing husks and silks from corn, chopping cilantro, grilling bacon and slicing tomatoes and avocado, then layering it up – and the best bit, presenting it to dad. Check out the yummy photograph (from my book Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food) and help the kids make dad a delicious lunch this Father’s Day.