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Kids love water

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Carmelized Fruit Kebabs

Here we are at the end of January with Christmas just a memory. Many of us ‘down under’ are still on summer holidays, and desperately looking for ways to entertain clammy whiney kids. There’s just one thing that does it, and that’s water! Whether it’s a big bucket of water for toddlers that they can’t tip over or fall into, but can dip containers in and out of, or for older kids a quick hosing down with the garden hose, water offers the dual purpose of creating entertainment while cooling down hot sticky bodies and settling frayed nerves. On warm days herd them outside in a shady spot, put an old cloth on the ground, give them some fruit, a chopping board and a knife, just sharp enough to cut fruit like a banana and watermelon, but not so sharp so that it will cut them (or do the cutting for them), and show them how to stick cubes of fruit on toothpicks (or bluntish skewers). They’ll love doing it and will eat plenty of fruit…but, man, will they make a sticky mess! Hence having them outside – just hose them off once they’ve finished, rinse the cloth and hang it up to dry. You’ll feel pleased with yourself that you found an inexpensive and healthy way to fill in a hot afternoon.

Adults love fruit kebabs, too, and one of my favourite ways is from my book Sizzle Sensational Barbecue Food, with pieces of skewerd fruit sprinkled with a liqueur such as Cointreau, dusted with icing sugar and barbecued on the hot plate (or in a non-stick skillet) until lightly golden. Yum! Carmelized Fruit Kebabs